About Nayher

Nayher is inspired by all the handmade products which were once essentially all homemade by our mother and grandmother. We offer some of those little things which were once part of our home décor, wardrobe and personal care.

We aim to bring to you those nostalgic homemade love and care with each of our products.


Meet our Creator

Ms. Chandraprabha Parihar

She is an adoring grandmother, who is affectionately called "Aaba" by her grandchildren. She is passionate about family wellbeing, healthy eating - healthy living, gardening and off course crochet!

Couple of years back, when she was visiting her ancestral home with her sisters, she revived her passion for crochet. And there was no looking back since then. Till now she has created and gifted many handmade crochet accessories to friends and family at various occasions. All the love and support that she has received has encouraged her to start her own small business. And what pleases her the most is that this passion for crochet originated from her Nayher!